SoySoy Body-Sculpt

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Product Description

A soft mousse with a modelling, toning and reducing action for the preventive and maintaining treatment of adiposity and inelastic, dehydrated tissues lacking in tone. GuaranĂ  extract and Caffeine perform an extraordinary slimming and anti-cellulite action, as they naturally stimulate lipolysis (they “burn” the fats of the adipose cells). Rice bran oil is obtained by cold-squeezing, therefore it is rich in gamma-oryzanol (protective and screening anti-UV), performing a soothing and anti-inflammatory function. Soy Oil is obtained by cold-squeezing as well, so it preserves Vitamin E and Vitamin B6, helps in increasing skin’s hydration and elasticity. Allantoin performs emollient and soothing actions. The mix of these active ingredients will make the body compact and supple, giving it a fit and shaped look. The product doesn’t have any side effects (the cream can also be applied onto the breast). Active ingredients: Rice bran Oil, Soy Oil, Caffeine, Allantoin, GuaranĂ  Extract. Use: After showering or bathing, apply the product onto the body (especially onto the areas that are the most dehydrated, inelastic and lacking in tone), by giving a gentle massage. The light texture allows an immediate absorption.


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