Seaweed Mud pro


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Product Description

For tissues that are globally intoxicated, with diffused cellulite, water retention, circulatory diseases. The iodinated substances of the seaweeds have a beneficial basal action that eliminates the impurities, together with anti-bacterial and antibiotic properties. A seaweed mud compress therefore performs an effective and beneficial detoxifying action onto the body. Seaweed muds also have stimulating, anti-aging, circulatory, slimming, oxygenating, mineralizing properties. The seaweed can keep macro-elements, such as Nitrogen, phosphorous, Potassium, Calcium, Iron, Sulphur, Magnesium, and micro-elements, such as Silicium, Cobalt, Bromine, Chrome, Fluorine, as well as liposoluble and hydrosoluble vitamins and phyto-hormones. The permeation of all these elements happens by osmosis, thanks to the chemical-physical characteristics and to the concentration of the active ingredients, slightly helped by the heat (we suggest that you use a thermal-blanket). Active ingredients: Marine Seaweeds; Ivy; Horse chestnut; Papaya. For professional use (see Technical Book or Work Book).


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