Peat Face/Body


Peat Face/Body

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Peat body: for the treatment of diffused cellulite and tissues with toxins that need to be drained and purified. If the thermo-active activator is added to the mixture, then it will also ease articular pain. Peat anti-cellulite treatment is an ideal substitute for seaweeds treatments in presence of hyperthyroidism, in which iodinated compound are contraindicated. Peat face, neck and décolleté: for the treatment of impure, sensitive and congested skins. Torba is naturally created by the slow transformation of lacustral vegetal deposits, with the millennial action of atmospheric agents and water. Its anti-bacterial, healing, derma-purifying and draining properties help the cell’s renewal, the reactivation of the peripheral microcirculation, as well as the regeneration of the cutaneous pH. Moreover, its soothing action is remarkable in case of redness and irritations. Active ingredients: Mineral Salts (calcium, potassium, sodium) and oligo-elements that strengthen the immune defenses, stimulate the metabolism and improve the oxygenation of tissues. Natural antibiotic substances, vitamins, lipids and enzymes. For professional use (see Technical Book or Work Book).


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