NARCISO anti acne serum



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Product Description

Narciso has been created exclusively for the treatment of localized acne, This serum contains natural Essential Oils (Thyme, Cumin, Basil) and Vitamin A, which have an immediate anti-dryness, anti-bacterial and healing action. Acne manifestations (comedones, pustules), contain microorganisms which are responsible for infection, are directly attacked and “dried”, by the use of Narciso, therefore blocking the infective cycle and stopping its spreading. The intense effect is created both by the high concentration of the active ingredients and by the coordinate action of vitamin A, that boosts skin’s reparation and the production of a new connective with no infections. Must use only one drop on a Q tip at a time and then touch the acne/pimple for 20 seconds. DO not resue same Q tip. Each pimple must be treated with new Q tip.


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