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Green Mask

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GREEN MASK, the professional mask-mould, was created to treat the typical blemishes of localized cellulite with a preventive and maintaining action (especially onto the gluteus, abdomen, thighs, arms, back of the neck). It acts onto orange-peel skin and fatty cushions. this item contains a catalyzer that activates the active ingredients, making them more easily assimilated by tissues. The completely natural active ingredients perform specific synergetic actions: slimming, re-modeling, draining. Also recommended as a final step for other treatments that aim at modeling and making skin smooth and compact, without counter-indications. Green mask is rich in mineral salts and micronized plants, such as Asian Centella, which performs a strong modeling action, and Harpagophytum (Devil’s Claws) with anti-inflammatory actions. The combination of the specific products increases the slimming action. Active ingredients: Asian Centella; Devil’s Claws (Harpagophytum); Saccharine; Arginine. For professional use (see Technical Book or Work Book).


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