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Anti-aging and anti-stress, regenerating and revitalizing intensive treatment It’s a freeze-dried veil/gel with a lamellated structure and high concentrated polysaccarides of marine origin (marine seaweed, phytosqualane and caviar extract). It has a double function: it is both an active ingredient as well as a carrier of the active ingredients. It is indicated especially for mature or prematurely aged, dehydrated and stressed skins with wrinkles. It has different actions: it regenerates and revitalizes the cutaneous tissues, stimulates the cell’s metabolism, deeply moisturizes, soothes and protects by calming irritations and erythema and reducing localized swelling. Caviar veil/gel combines the moisturizing and soothing effects of traditional face masks with the specific action of the caviar extract that not only contains noble proteins and essential amino acid, but also oligo elements and vitamins (especially Vitamin A and D), all active anti-aging factors of skin regeneration and vitality. The Phytosqualane, which derives from olive oil, has strong soothing, protective and anti-aging properties. Seaweed derivates have a combined toning, regenerating, anti-oxidizing and anti-aging action. Caviar veil/gel “galenical system” gives an extraordinary benefit. It is the result of a pure, precise and unique physio-chemical process. The water is extracted with a freeze-drying technique (at a very low temperature). The active ingredients of these precious materials are preserved in a pure form that can be directly and totally used by skin. The complete absence of chemical additives (fragrances and preserving substances) ensures absolute softness. Active ingredients: Seaweed Derivates, Phytosqualane, Caviar Extract. For professional use (see Technical Book or Work Book).


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