Beauty Concentration Cellulite kit


Beauty Concentration Cellulite


Product Description

In order to remove roundness from strategycal points, it’s best to act on localized areas, as the adipocytes (the subcutaneous fatty cells) have receptors that respond to external stimulations. The formula performs two synergetic actions: a Lipo phase and a Hydro phase that face all aspects of the problem, with deep and precise oxygenating, draining, reactivating, toning and reducing actions. In order to ensure better result, this intensive treatment has to be repeated at every change of season. Ideal for women who are looking for a “different” strategy to combat and reduce cellulite, to attack localized fat on the classical areas that are affected by it (thighs, gluteus, knees, belly), to improve their look before wearing the swimsuit and to maintain the results that have already been reached, during every change of season. Warning: not recommended during pregnancy and breast-feeding. Active ingredients: Lipo Phials: Wheat Germ Oil; Arnica Oil; Jojoba Oil; Ginseng Oil; Vitamin C. Hydro Phials: Hyaluronic Acid; Escina; Caffein; Centella asiatica; Ivy; Aosain: Fucus (Seaweed). For professional use (see Technical Book or Work Book).


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