Sun Instinct

Sun Instinct, the new sun care products by Gerard’s

Sun care, the best tan; skin care, the clever tan Sun care products: created to conquer a radiant, intense, uniform and long-lasting tan, the best one for every skin’s phototype. Skin care products: formulated to protect and maintain the quality of the skin, and specifically to protect the skin from the damages caused by photoaging, thanks to the hi-tech filters and the latest photo-protective complexes: wide protection from both UVB and UVA rays, according to the European Union directives. The textures are soft and light, tolerated by all skin types, even by children, men and sportsmen. The scent is pleasant, fresh and unisex: the delicate fruity notes, the elegant flowered heart and the exotic mix of musk, amber, patchouli and vanilla are harmoniously combined. The formulas are studied to minimize risks of allergy and do not contain parabens, nor coloring substances. Sun Kit Week End: 4 products (Activator, Sun Cream SPF 6, CreamOil Bath-Shower and Aftersun CreamOil) in 30 ml tubes, and in the transparent case, which you can also take on your hand-luggage when flying. Sun is joy, vitality and beauty, but keep in mind that…

  • Excessive exposure to sun rays can be dangerous. Do not sunbathe for too long, especially during the middle hours of the day, even though you are using a protective sun product, because no filter can ensure complete protection from UV rays, burning, erythema, and early aging.
  • The protective sun product is to be applied always before sunbathing, if possible, even half an hour before the exposure.
  • In order to maintain the protective action of the product, re-apply frequently during the exposure and after each bath.
  • Newborns and children should never get in direct prolonged contact with the sun, but only for a few minutes.
  • Many surfaces – sand, water, snow, and even clouds – reflect UV rays like a mirror. As a consequence, both adults and children, should use the right sun protection also in case of indirect sun, therefore even under the umbrella or with a cloudy sky.