GLA Atipica

Multitasking cosmeceutical comfort for dry, reactive, sensitised and intolerant skin types.

Hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested products designed to:

  • deeply hydrate
  • restore the hydrolipidic barrier
  • strengthen the skin’s defences from external aggressions
  • minimise irritations, redness, flaking and itching
  • repair damaged skin

This skin type is usually hypersensitive, prone to redness, itching, flaking, irritation and excessive dryness.It is also easily affected by external factors (sudden changes of temperature, especially cold, wind, smog, UVA-UVB rays, parabens and allergenes) and internal factors (constitutional factors, stress, frenetic life style). All these factors together change the skin’s protective hydrolipic film, compromising its natural immunologic ability and promoting the formation of free radicals, and therefore oxidation and cell’s aging.The main factor to restore, and from which the line was named, is GLA (Gamma-Linolenic Acid), found in Borage and Perilla Oil, and rich in Omega 6: a fundamental element for the regenerating processes of the cell’s membranes and for the renewal of the cutaneous tissues, to reduce inflammatory reactions and strengthen the skin’s immune defences.