Specific products for the care of body and breast

(cellulite and adiposity, stretch-marks and tissues lacking in tone)

Cellulite is an inflammatory process that produces the transudation of liquids in the intracellular spaces. The initial phase is characterized by a slowdown of the venous and lymphatic circulation, with stagnancy of toxins . If not healed, the inflammatory process can lead to the atrophy of the capillary vessels and to the infiltration of the fat into the intracellular spaces, by forming painful cellulite nodules. The connective tissue and the fibers of collagen are now loosened; the cutis shows micro or macro nodules (“orange peel skin”). Stretch-marks and tissues lacking in tone are common blemishes, especially in localized areas, such as abdomen, thighs, breast, gluteus, hips, inner arms, back, shoulders, buttocks. Stretch-marks are cutaneous atrophies caused by the break of the dermis and the following attempt to repair tissues. There are many reasons that cause the formation of stretch-marks, one of them can be a quick loss of weight that inevitably leads to loss of tone. This is why it is advisable to use anti-stretch-marks treatments in combination with firming treatments.